Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I talked to the kid who broke into my house. It was weird. Really weird. And I'm angry again.

He's a lot smaller looking in the daylight. He looked tired and ragged and was looking at the various corners of the world like someone was going to walk through them or something. His name's Kevin, but he told me to call him Ulysses. Several times. He had a weird habit of repeating things over and over, as if he had forgotten that he had already said it. This kid's in bad shape.

His parents were there today, so they filled me in on a couple things. Kevin's brother Tim died a couple months ago, and ever sense then he has sort of been losing his marbles. He's seen things, become overly paranoid, and apparently claims to be able to to read thoughts. Well, one thought. He just won't tell anyone what that one thought is.

I asked him, but he freaked out and just started mumbling about stopping the signal over and over again. Then he stopped, and looked at me, and I can't remember the whole thing but I feel like I have to try because the whole thing was just weird. "This probably makes no sense to you." he told me, "But I can't tell you what not to think. You'll start thinking it. Just like if you say don't think of a black cat, you'll think of a black cat. But this is one mean black cat. You're in so much more trouble than you know. And I just want to keep you safe. I want to keep everyone safe, but if I can help just one person, I will. You need to think about me. Think about the crazy kid and the car and how sad it is. Think about school or art or sports or whatever. Just walk away from all this."

It was about at this time that everything clicked for me. It might have been because of that cat thing. I was reading a blog a few days ago that had a similar story called White Elephants. It's about slender man. That's when I remembered that he comes when you think about him.

All of this stuff was because a kid believed in this crazy slender man bullshit.

Ulysses started screaming at that moment. He had his hand to his head and he looked like he was in pain, but I was too angry to care all that much. "I'm not playing." I told him. Because I'm not. I don't care what kind of crazy person finds my blog, I said it the first post and I'll say it now. I'm not playing. "Yes you are. We all are." he said, and he started screaming again. The police made me leave.

This is beyond sick.

Peace guys

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