Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, that little trip to Best Buy didn't work out so great. And now I'm posting on a blog twice in one day. Just wonderful, I am officially a dork.

I crashed the car into a telephone pole. The car is completely wrecked and dad's going to kill me. Slowly. So much for hoping my parents might buy me a car of my own for a college present.

It wasn't my fault, though. A guy stepped into the street and I was too close to break. So I swerved, and now I am probably going to get blamed for it because of stupid right of way laws. What was I supposed to do, run him over?

So I'm a little mad right now. I'm probably focusing on the wrong thing. I mean, I'm not hurt the guy's not hurt and I did manage to get the gift card. Although it probably means a bit less given this whole car thing. Happy Birthday Dad!

This has sort of been the worst day ever.

The guy didn't even stay either, he just ran off. Never managed to get a good look at him. Just that he was wearing a white T-shirt and cutoff shirts. Which is sort of what everyone's wearing right now. I think the insurance company might think I'm lying. Then again, I sort of think the insurance company is the root of all evil.

Peace guys, minus the asshole who wrecked my car

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