Friday, July 29, 2011

getting back to normal

I had a normal day for once. So why I'm blogging about it I have no idea. Lonely teenage girls, I'm just like you! Gosh, that's a little pathetic. It's a shame that most of my friends are either at some camp, on vacation, or already at school (early start much?) because I could seriously use some company right now. At the moment I'm just sitting at home wondering how I'm going to pay for the car and looking up slenderman shit. Which given the fact that I had someone IN MY HOUSE just a couple days ago is probably not a great idea. I'm twelve different shades of paranoid.

Actually, having someone break in like that seemed to have changed my views about everything. I sleep with a baseball bat under my bed, I have to make sure that my doors are always locked, and I jump at strange noises now. It's something that you never think will happen to you, and then it does. And as much as it once again makes me sound like a teenage girl, it's scary. It's damn terrifying to have someone in your house. This is supposed to be a safe place, after all. And now... it's not.

The police found out who the guy is, in case you want to know. His name is Kevin Ulysses Goldman. He's sixteen years old. Apparently he's a runaway from Miami, which for those of you who aren't geographically inclined is rather far from here. His parents are driving up to get him, though. They say they'll fix my wall if we don't press charges. I think I'll just let the kid go. He sounded completely crazy that night, but now a couple days later and in the daylight I think he was just a scared kid who went a little cuckoo from whatever's happened to him in the month that he's been missing.

Not that I want to see him again. He's asking to though, to make a 'formal apology'. I don't know, I guess I'll go. The whole thing is entirely weird and I sort of blame this kid for making me realize that the world is far less secure than we'd like to think it is. But he is still a kid. It can't hurt.

Peace guys,

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