Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'd die in a slasher flick

We were going to go for dinner tonight for my dad's birthday, but I sort of accidentally crashed those plans into a telephone pole. So we just hung out and mom tried to bake a cake (that went really badly) and the power went out so we sat in the living room with a bunch of candles and talked and stuff. It was actually really nice. We're usually so busy with our own lives that we don't talk to each other much. We tried to do the whole talk at the dinner table thing for a while but it never seemed to work out and eventually we just migrated back to eating in the living room while we watch junk on TV.

It was turning out to be not a half bad night until I went to my room to go to bed and somebody else was there.

I ran down the stairs and tried to call the police on my home phone. It was dead. So I spent about five minutes trying to find my stupid cell phone. Fucking horror movie scenario. By that time, this guy was down the stairs and he was shouting that he didn't want to hurt me and that I should just put away the phone and we could talk like rational adults or some bullshit like that.

And like an idiot, I listened to him.

He didn't make sense, though. He just kept on ranting about thought and 'the signal' and how he was saving my life. He was a total loon. So I flipped open my cell phone and called the police.

They just left. It was a weird night. And I found out the asshole left some fucking graffiti on my bedroom wall.


Peace guys,

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