Sunday, September 11, 2011


Her name is Linda. But I don't call her that. Odile. She's Odile. It was meant as an insult. But it sort of just became her. Suited her. More than I could know.

She also had a headache. A headache and a nosebleed. She told me I was special. We were special. I almost believed her. Almost went. But she embraced Him. Embraced the signal. I couldn't. Not after Tim. I had to try to help. I tried. She seemed so helpless. Vulnerable. Weak.

Weak weak weak she's not weak stronger than me all that pain and hurt she uses the hurt. She uses the weakness. She uses. Everything. Everyone.

I tried to save her. But that's the thing about the black swan.

She doesn't want to be saved.

She just wants you to try.

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