Friday, September 9, 2011


It comes for everyone. I tried to stop it. But it kept on coming. Kept on coming. Darkness. It is darkness. Kept on coming.

I try to help.

But chaos is everywhere. Chaos and darkness. And the thoughts. Stop thinking. Stop knowing. Stop. Stop.

Kept on coming.

I tried to help.

She is coming.


  1. Brandon's gone. Dead. Tried to help. I try to help. I tried. Brandon's gone. I'm not Brandon. He gave me this. In case he was killed. Brandon's gone. This is not Brandon.

  2. Am I Ulysses? Am I Ulysses?
    No, but you are now boy
    So sinister, so sinister
    but last night was wild

    What's the matter there, feeling kind of anxious?
    That hot blood grew cold
    Yeah everyone, everybody knows it
    Yeah everyone, everybody knows it
    Everybody knows it

    la la la la la


  3. ...Can you change the display name, please?
    It hurts too much to see...

  4. Hurts? It hurts?

    I know hurt. Hurt.

    I'll change it.