Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lots of weird and nerdy things

Today was really weird. I mean, I guess I wasn't expecting it to be normal (I was going to confront who I thought might be responsible for my stalking after all) but there was no way that I could be prepared for this day. It was just another surreal moment in my increasingly surreal life.

The larp itself wasn't too bad. When I got there, I was not intending to play at all. It really isn't my thing. But Jessie pulled me into it. Jessie was the girl who was running it, and I yelled at her for a good ten minutes before she convinced me to join in. She said that slender man was just a game and she wasn't responsible for the weirdo outside my house. I don't know, she seemed sorta sketchy when she said it. Not in a 'I'm secretly egging your house' kind of way. More like 'I know exactly what you're talking about but for one reason or another I'm too scared to say anything' sketchy. I'm sort of afraid that whoever's doing this is targeting her too, but for some reason she is just focusing more on dice rolls and hit points.

I know that while I'm pretty sure she's not behind it, there is something going on that Jessie's not telling me. At the end of the larp (which was actually kind of great, so I'm sort of glad I did it) we fight off a slenderman who is Jessie's friend Damon. But about an hour before that, there was a different slenderman. It was pretty brilliant in context of the whole story, but it's the same guy who's been spying on me. I feel like a total tool recognizing a guy in a suit and pantyhose, but something about him was just familiar and unmistakeable. So now I have to worry that Jessie is either a psychotic slendy fanatic or she's in trouble too.

Also, I kind of asked her out.

Actually, after the asking out for coffee happened is when things got really weird. She said that she had to ask Damon and Penny (Damon's girlfriend), but if they said yes she was totally cool with that. Which was kind of odd, but I wasn't really sure what it meant. Of course, then she went over and asked them. Things seemed to be going ok when before she came back over to me she kissed both of them.

So I'm going on a date with a polygamist. That is sort of weird, right? I mean, I'm not going to say that they can't or it's wrong or anything but I'm really used to the boy/girl kinda coupling thing. Everything else makes me blink a bit, though I feel sort of horrible for saying that.

And what does it say about me that I'm still really excited to going out for coffee with her tomorrow? Am I some sort of polygamist too? I'm not going to have to date Damon am I because I'm really not into guys. Oh god, I'm just digging myself a deeper hole here, I just know it. But I've never dealt with this situation before. I don't think it's exactly common. So I'm sort of nervous about it.

That and the stupid slenderman wannabe is outside my house again. If I see him again I am hitting him with a baseball bat. No joke.

Peace guys


  1. ... You know I can see this, right? I'm glad you had fun, but you need to stop letting that prank get to you. It's just a game, silly.

    The term is polyamory, and no, you don't have to date Damon. He's straight anyway. The three of us are a triad, and we all have dated other people as we find them. Damon's been seeing this really nice chick named Sam.

    It'll be fine, I'll see you tomorrow.

  2. You read this? But no one reads this. Why is it that you of all people are- actually I'm going to try and stop embarassing myself now.

    It stops being a game when people take it seriously enough to stand outside my house staring at me. I don't think this guy has moved since I saw him.

    And... oh. I feel sort of stupid now. Thanks for clearing all that up.

  3. Of course I read this. Why wouldn't I? Don't worry about embarrassing yourself, it's kinda cute.

    As for the poly stuff, don't worry. We usually have to explain it.